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Help with TB 3.99.3 Filter, Please Help
Hi, I just can't get to grips with the Filter System.  I'm trying to set the filter to delete e-mails from The Canadian Pharmacy which sends me dozens of spam emails each day.

Most have sexual words in the main subject and in order to try to set up the filter I've tried using the filter (I'm going to use other words to demonstrate what I'm trying to do).  So the subject could be:  The farmer shot the rabbit in the field.  So the offending words would be Farmer, Shot, Rabbit and Field.  So I've tried doing the following

Subject:  "Contains any of" and I've typed in:  Farmer Shot Rabbit Field

When I send myself an email from another address and place Farmer in the subject the filter doesn't work.  I can only get the filter to work if I use:

Subject:  "Contains" - Farmer

Then I have to add another condition:

Subject:  "Contains" - Shot

And so on.....

Obviously I'd like to place all the offending words (and upd ate them daily) in the one condition: "Contains any of"

I read an independent guide to se tting up filters but it referred for an older version and the writer was using [ ] | (brackets and vertical stroke key). I tried doing that leaving spaces between the brackets and the vertical, removing the vertical, leaving spaces, removing spaces etc all to no avail.

I tried using the well used % sign but that wouldn't work either.

Any assistance would be gratefully received.  Thanx
Have you tried a regex filter? If you are not familiar with regex, has a tutorial and a couple of useful programs for developing & testing regex expressions. (Also, a dynamite text editor).
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