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All of my filters disappeared, My filters disappeared, and I need advice on how to restore them
All of my filters recently disappeared and I'm trying to figure out how to restore them in a way that doesn't take forever.

In the File menu in Accounts | Sorting Office/Filters there's an item called Restore Filters. I clicked on that, and a little box appeared that said "Perform per-filter restore?" I clicked yes, and all of the filters reappeared, but not under Incoming mail, where they had resided earlier. Instead, they were all contained in something called "Orphan filters." In that location they don't act to filter my incoming mail. In fact, after I close the Sorting Office thing, the Orphan filters section disappears. That is, when I re-open Sorting Office, the Orphan filters section is gone, although it can be "restored" yet again.

I discovered that when I have Orphan filters open, I can right click on one filter at a time, click copy, click on Incoming mail, and then click Paste, and that particular filter becomes re-established in Incoming mail. However, I haven't found a way to select all of the restored filters at a single blow, in order to copy and paste them as a group, nor have I discovered any other way to import them back to where they belong.

I have a lot of filters, and it will take an extremely long time to copy and paste them one at a time. So ... First: is there an easier way to restore all of the filters to Incoming mail? Second, is there some way to back up all of the filters, so if this problem ever happens again, I can handle the problem simply by means of a the backup file?

Any help will be sincerely appreciated.

The restoring must be done one filter at a time.
A backup can be made in two ways:
-TB's internal backup offers the option to backup filters.
-The filters are stored in a file called account.srx, there's one of these files in every account directory (for the account based filters) and one in the mail directory (for the common filters) You can copy these files when Tb has been shut down.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks for the reply. I've now copied all of the filters back to where they were.

I now have two further questions, though.

How can I use The Bat's internal backup to back up my filters? Looking in Tools | Backup, I don't see anything related to filters.

Also, I don't see anything called account.srx anywhere on the computer. The only account files in the account directories have these extensions: .~flb, .cfn, .flb, .his, .log, .m_d, .m_r, .rnd, and .srb. Am I overlooking something?

BTW, I have the most current version of The Bat Home Edition -- 5.4.

Thanks again for the help.
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