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How to backup my filters?
I recently asked for help in restoring my filters. In reply, I was informed that there were two ways that I could back up my filters in the future: either use The Bat's internal backup or copy the file named "account.srx." However, in Tools | Backup, I don't see anything related to filters, and there isn't anything called "account.srx" anywhere on my computer. The only account files in the account directories have these extensions: .~flb, .cfn, .flb, .his, .log, .m_d, .m_r, .rnd, and .srb. So:

1. How can I use the backup feature to back up my filters?

2. Why don't I have an "account.srx" file? And given the fact that I don't have such a file, where/how can I find a file that contains my filters?

My fault, the file name changed with the new filter system. :oops:
Since v4 they're called account.srb
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Ah. Thanks very much.
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