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Tags in The Bat!, Query
Whatever happened to use of message tags?    I used to use them in The Bat! around 2009, but they seem not to be available now.  They were MOST useful.  Can they be restored?
I don't use them myself, but they're still available from the menu under message
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Oh mi gawd!   Your message Roelof prompted me to check the version of TB which I had installed, since there was no mention of tags anywhere in any menu nor in the Help system.  It was v4 - 2008!  No wonder tags had disappeared!   At some re-installation, I must have used the wrong installer file, and gone backwards with the version!

Now I'm upgraded to latest version, and, of course, tags are back  :-)

I use them to add the file number of my records system, so I can file both electronic documents and paper documents on the same subject under the same file number.

Thanks for the prompt!
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