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Extremely slow re-filtering when

I've relatively large inbox (ca. 75000 messages, IMAP), and I want to re-filter it with some quite simple filter ("Recipient contains") with action "Set color group".

To my surprise, this operation is extremely slow - I left it overnight (well, circa 8 hours) and it has filtered only ca. 50000 messages.

But, when action is "Set tag to...", it is very, very quick - hundredths of messages per second.

What could be the reason for this?

Thank you!

PS: I use most recent The Bat! v6.6
I use latest ver. 8.4x and I have similar issues.  Is this a server response issue outside The Bat!'s control?
By default, The Bat! uses one connection for each email account, but you can configure multiple concurrent connections, say, 6, and it should make the difference on filtering.
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