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Filters - booleans or multiple terms in a condition field? / Account drop-down list?
2 questions folks:

1- in the filtering interface, when a condition field is added, is it possible to have multiple terms or use boolean operators in that field? for example:

condition: subject contains "click here" OR "buy viagra" OR "50% discount"

or does a new condition need to be added for each term?
example: subject contains "click here"
              subject contains "buy viagra"
               subject contains "50% discount"

question 2-
is there a way to put a shortcut to a dropdown menu with all accounts, allowing for one to be selected? through the customize menu maybe? how about quick templates?

thanks very much for help  
You can use | to separate strings

In case you want to change the account you're using for writing a message, just open the editor and at the status at the bottom of the editor you'll see the account that's being used for that message. Click on the account and you can select another one.
It's also possible to change the account via a quick template, using the %account= macro
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Hi to all of you. I am a fresh user of TB version 7

Tried a filter for incoming folder with Boolean operator | as

text  contains "unsubscribe|delete form list"

but its not working.

Any idea ? Thanks.  
Find it my self

The filter is:

text > contains any of > the Enter key add as many words as i want in drop down list
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