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filter by attached files?
Hi.. first of all, please sooooorry my English... :oops:

I would like to create a filter which moves to a folder  called "virus" any mail attaching a *.PIF file. How can I do it?

1. Sorting Office/Actions
2. Common filters
3. Address book does not contain sender
4. AND file matching mask *.PIF is attached
5. Actions: move to the folder "virus"
6. Options: this filter is active, continue processing with other filters
7. Share with: (all my accounts)

And... it does nothing!!! :o . What "matching mask" do I need to filter? *.PIF? *\.PIF? PIF? I don't know regular expression's syntax... I don't even know if "matching mask" expects a regular expression or a text string...

Please heeelp... thanks :D
Good question, fortunately many providers now support this type of filtering on the server end, you might want to look into it.. My provider does this.
Hmm... and how about condition:  
Message source  - matches any of - filename="[a-z]*.PIF"

I think it should work.

Also you can look at message source (key - F9).
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