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i wanna filter my mail by ATTACH TYPE,HOW????, i have LOT of gmail inv,i shit u not ;)
well,i need 2 filter me msgz by ext of attach
if msg have jpg'z,then extract to C:\plaplapla\picz
if msg have pps'z,then extract to C:\plaplapla\ppsz
if msg have "any ****",then extract to C:\plaplapla\any ****
and another prblm,some mails have msg as attach,and these msgs also have ANOTHER msg as attach,and so on
how can i get the final attach with out saving these msgz??
i have tried file matching mask "*.jpg" is attached
but negative.


**** message censored by moderator
Da VyRuZ
It is a long time wish of mine that TB provide support for filtering using attachment headers and not just message headers. Hopefully this will come one day. Until then, there is no answer to your question.
Hi! Something new about it? Opera browser with its email client has it from the beginning (afaik), it's very cool, i have many pictures, archives, etc. in my attachements, and when i was using opera client for some time, it was so usefull when i was looking for certain picture :)
you can search the entire message source, like a filter with a condition
If message source -> matches any of -> (\bfile|\b)name="*\.jpg
and action Extract files to <folder with JPG's>

Indeed this will extract not only jpg's but all attached files

Another way could be to set a filter for any message that extracts all the attachments to the same folder. Then move the files to different folders based on extension with a simple .bat file that may look like

move *.jpg C:\JPGs
move *.pps C:\PPSs
::delete the rest
del *.*
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