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Quoting selected text
I used to reply to messages using F4 to quote seleted text. This does not work anymore since I updated to Version 6.8.8 (64-bit).

Can someone tell me how to get that function back? It is really useful!

(I apologize for posting in this forum, but the forum about configuring TB! is not very active.)
Right-click menu.  Then click "Customize" and "Shortcuts".

Would you please expand on that? I'm fairly new and trying to learn all I can. I click to the shortcut tab, but don't see anything that looks like a reply for selected quoted text. My F4 is working fine, but this looks like something a user should know.  

And a question: is it possible to set up a similar shortcut to quote selected text in a 'reply to all'?   Thanks for any tips on this.
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