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Open message by double clicking
When I open a message by double clicking it, the message opens allright, but on the left with the message pane on the right. I prefer to have just the message window open, on top of my workspace.

I always had it like that, but not since Version 6.8.8 (64-bit)

(I apologize for using this forum, but it seems to be the only active one. Plus I spotted Roelof here...)
Hmm, there was a way. But I have 2 Problems: I am using the German Version of the Bat and can't remember how I achieved it. Keep on searching (if you haven't found it yet)
It might have been under "View" but it was not quite as obvious.
Once you make the change to hide some items (like the quick reply field) the changes will be memorized the next time you double click on a mail.
I'm not entirely sure what you are describing, but have you looked at the various options under View | Window Split Mode?
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