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Is it possible to "expect" an email, I want to be notified when an expected email doesn't arrive within a certain period
I receive daily email about the outcome of operations on various remote computer systems.

I can easily filter for notifications of errors, but I want to also be notified when an expected email doesn't arrive within (say) a few hours of when it was expected. Is it possible to automate that within The Bat?
This doesn't sound like a task for an e-mail client.
The Bat is written to process e-mail messages. Not the lack of them.
I don't have a full solution either, but maybe you can create a small file at a certain location, and write a filter in The_Bat that deletes this file when one of those important messages comes in (so, as long as the file exists, no message has arrived yet).

Then, use a third party app that monitors that location and alerts you if the file is older than 'n' hours. I haven't tried, but I believe that DropIT can do this:

Of course, you'd also have to think of an automated way to put a new file there once the action has completed. Hopefully DropIt can do that too, but I don't know for sure.
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