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Filter and creating directory (Windows 7)
I setup a filter to save attachments in a directory. If the directory already exists in Windows, no problem. But if I want to create a new one, it does not and attachments are not saved anywhere.
Concretely: I have a directory: Z:\thebat
I want to create subdirectories Z:\thebat\%FROMADDR

I changed the Windows permissions of the Z:\thebat directory to allow full control including creating subdirectories, but it still does not work, no subdir is created. I tried on another disk, same problem.

Any suggestion?

Thank you
When you create a filter and use the move or copy to folder feature there is a check box under the path that says "create if necessary"
If you are creating them from an email you don't see that so go into your filters and Edit one of the ones that will move to a folder
I don't use the move or copy to folder feature that will not do the job I  need, I use the "Extract attachments" , have a look at the pictures.

or if they have been deleted after 24 hours
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