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moving mailboxes and synchronizing filters, can a mailbox be moved - and have the filters move in synche?
It is interesting to compare my normal Eudora and TheBat!.  e.g. Eudora afaik has nothing like the Inbox Analyzer that can help you to make a bunch of filters super-quick.  


One feature in Eudora that is very nice is that mailboxes can be moved from one position to another very easily. Drag-and-drop.  And, if there are filters pointing to the original spot, you are given choices, including moving the filter to point to the new spot, which is what you usually choose. If there are no filters to the box, the move simply happens.

TheBat! has a Move Up, Move Down, Move In and Move Out.  Fair enough.  Presumably the filters move with?  However that is all within an Account.

What about something like a move from a mailbox area to a common folder mailbox?  Is this doable?  Or do you have to do it in a multi-step?

My apologies if I am missing something trivial.

The filters will follow and adjust to the new position.  
How does a mailbox more to another area .. e.g. a Common Folders? Or lets say I have five filters to five mailboxes that are creation-evolution forums, and I create a Creation folder, how do I move the five mailboxes into that folder.  

Move up, down, in and out look to be only within the specific acct area.

Apologies if I am missing something obvious.

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