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RegEx to find name in email subject, Trying to create expression to copy all emails to folder with client name in body or subject
OK, I have exhausted my personal resources in figuring this out. I had a plugin when I used Thunderbird that allowed me to do RegEx searches on the subject line.


This allowed me to get John Smith / John Q. Smith / Smith, John  etc., but I have not been able to figure out how The Bat! wants me to enter it in the Sorting Office/Filters. I know RegEx has different flavors, but I am not a RegEx guru by any stretch of the imagination. Can anyone steer me in the right direction.

I am entering the string as a Common filter and using Subject - matches all as RegExp, but I am not putting it in right somehow.  --Chris
You may have already resolved this, but I'll comment here. I've had no trouble with regular expressions, but maybe mine tend to be simple (and I'm no regex guru either). TB! just wants the expression entered as-is. If it's not working, it may help to post the expression here, along with an explanation on the intent so it's easier to understand. Another suggestion is to use a simple action initially (such as setting the message color) to confirm that the filter is working properly.
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