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Delete attachments on-demand

In our company, we're sending and receiving lots of large files through e-mail, so the e-mail accounts (hosted at Gmail) are getting full pretty fast.

Is it any possibility to remove only the attached files, but keeping the text part?

I saw the Extract Attachment option, but it does not delete the attachments, it just saves the files.

Is it possible to include this option as a feature for a future version?

Not knowing your exact situation, here are some suggestions:
1. For outgoing mail, put big attachments on your website and just link to them. That significantly reduces your outbound bandwidth and eliminates the issue of having attachments in your sent folder.
2. For incoming mail, consider going to Accounts>Properties>Files&Directories and specify attachments to be stored separately from messages. That gives you the ability to periodically purge that separate folder.
Good luck,
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