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Using filters for virtual folders
Hi. I'm using several virtual folders to sort incoming emails, mainly by senders. Some for works, university, family, services, etc

I have some questions:
1. Why this virtual folders filters doesn't show in the filter center?
2. Can be this two groups of filetrs be unified?
3. I need to go to every virtual folder properties to add a new filter, one by one, because I cannot change to main window to copy another address. Can this be optimized?
4. In the search results window you can create a virtual folder. One new folders? I dont see an option to use a previous one.
5. Is there any other way to make organization easier? I like virtual folders, the emails doesn't mix, but the work to create a new one is tedious and I think that is not a way easily exportable to others clients (i need to use mac too).

Thanks in advance.
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