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Virtual Folder marks messages as unread when I don't want it to.
This is actually a problem with all folders when you have "Mark messages as read when it is being read for: 0 seconds", BUT it is MOST destructive with Virtual Folders.

You are moving through a list of messages that are unread...... Many are junk.  As you see a message, you scan the from and subject and decide to delete it. When you hit the delete key, the message is deleted and the next message is highlighted (gets focus) and is marked as read, even if you haven't read it. This removes it from the virtual folder (if I click another folder and then come back) before I have read it, and if I didn't catch the from address, I'll never find it. I have 3,472 folder.

You may say to set the mark message as read setting to something like 2 seconds (default), but what if I take a call and look away for two seconds? It's gone anyway. Also, setting it for two seconds, means I end up with a boat load of unread messages in my trash because I move through them in less than two seconds per message.

Opening a message in a new window to make it read is also not an option.

Does anyone have an idea to try as a solution? Advanced filters within the Virtual folder? Separate Mark as read options for Virtual folders?

I don't mind the current behavior in the regular message list, but for the virtual folders, I would like the focus to be moved to a non message after the deletion of a message. I would be happy having to click on each message in a virtual folder in order to read it.

I am also very open to other ideas.

In Account Properties > Options, you can turn off "mark message as read when it is being read for .. seconds"
In Account Properties > Mail Management > Deletion, you can turn on "mark deleted messages as read".
In Account Properties > Options, you can turn on "mark replied messages as read"

Now I haven't tried this, but if this works like I would expect it to, no messages will ever get marked 'read' unless you have deleted them or replied to them. You have no more risk of losing messages due to phone interruptions and your trashcan will not show unread mail.

The possible drawback is that if you want to keep a message but not reply to it, you will have to mark it 'read' manually (Ctrl-M, or make a button in the toolbar).
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