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Selective Download, how to creat rules so they work

I get multiple ads a day from my mailbox provider and these emails can't be filtered at the server level.
I'd like to filter them using The Bat! so I try the method with Selective Download.
My rule is (it's active):

Sender / Contains / -> delete immediately

Doesn't work, so I also added this:
OR / Recipient / Contains /
Also doesn't work.
These emails always have such addresses for sender and recipient.

How should I set up this filter to delete such emails even before downloading them to The Bat!?
I use IMAP and v8.7 of TB!.
I'm not sure what you mean by 'selective dowloading." Have you  tried a filter on inbox? That works, at least it does for my imap mail.  Good luck.
Well I thought that Selective Downloading is a separate option to for example delete certain email even before downloading it to TB!.
It's not the case?
It seems that Selective Download only works with POP3 accounts, not IMAP.

For a previous discussion see
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i was also looking for the same. thank you all for the solution you provided it was helpful for me.
best regards!!!
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