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enhancement - ability to create manual filters from "Create Filter" that do not need a hot-key
Windows 10 - TheBat!

PART of the concern is the EDIT function not working, see highlight below.. So I am still in test mode. And I am trying to integrate the earlier discussion from Daniel.  

Why not allow MANUAL selection messages to run down the filter tree just like an INCOMING msg does?


Talking about my filter generation.
Bear with me, your feedback welcome, tell me if I am missing stuff.



A quick and fine way to create a MOVE filter (most of the filters), as selection criteria are immediately offered you


Thus, this is the most flexible way to make filters.

You choose ONE (better incoming AND manual) of the following options:





Note that while a filter can apply to "Read" or "Replied" messages, there is no ability to work the filter on:
all "Selected" or "Manual" messages,

with or without being read, replied, etc.  

Only the hot-key possibility (which I find awkward) below from the Sortting/Office Filters has that capability.

You are hit with a double-whammy.

1) you have to Create the Filter in the Office section, without being aided by selection criteria.
2) you have to link it to a hot-key, there is no easy use of the filter on selected highlighted messages.

This is, I believe, a major weakness in the Filter System. (In my experience all email filter systems are limited or difficult, with the Eudora exception. Getting rid of these two problems would make TheBat! the best filter system overall, since it excels in areas like Actions, ability to create a Filter from a Message List from a search, usage from Virtual Folders, and various other nice stuff.)

Often you want to do a filter on all the messages currently downloaded and selected (called manual re-filtering in the next section) and that option is simply not there.  In fact, if you had "manual" you would also want to be able to choose INCOMING and MANUAL together.  

NOTE: The EDIT button on bottom has never worked for me. I think I once posted on it, and forgot to check on v.8.  A great puzzle. Presumably that might provide the extra functionality that is in the next method, while still having the better ease of use.



When you do it through the Filtering system, it is by nature more cumbersome.  The above method immediately gives you selection criteria.

There is a whole mechanism for Hot-Keys that can work on selected message. Putting aside the hotkey, and assuming you want the filter active, there are two relevant criteria to choose.

1) Use this filter for manual re-filtering only
2) Continue processing with other filters

This method has far more flexibility in the Actions, which is good, but it does not affect the great majority of filters, which are simply move command.


The main thing MISSING is a simple "Selected Messages" (or "Manual")
You sel ect Messages (e.g. any sort of highlight from the boxes or a Message List, or a particular Folder with subfolders)
On a right-click, sel ect --- "Filter these Messages", and TheBat! will run down the filters for those messages  Forget hotkeys.

Even if you look at the section structure of filters:

Incoming mail
Outgoing mail
Read messages
Replied messages
Selective Download

The one that is very relevant to me is INCOMING MAIL (outgoing is a few a day) - yet there is nothing that will run manually on SELECTED (highlighted) mail.



Ritlabs should add to the current structure the easy ability to:

create and use Manuel Filters,
especially when working fr om "Create Filter" fr om an email, and |
the filter would  on all mail selected, without a hot-key.

Ideally a filter would be for Incoming, Manual, or both.


Your thoughts?  Have I missed some utility?  

I would like to propose this to Ritlabs, but first want to make sure how I am thinking is sensible. Nothing  in the current system would change, simply functionality would be added.

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Bear with me,

Honestly, I think it would be more productive if you would just post your concise questions instead of a long story that's hard to follow.

Note that while a filter can apply to "Read" or "Replied" messages, there is no ability to work the filter on:
  all "Selected" or "Manual" messages  ,

with or without being read, replied, etc.

Try Folder | Re-filter in the menu?
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