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Sub Filter with Move To based on Subject or variable?, How to move filters based on "not yet known" value like "Subject"
I get emails with a subject like this:
You have received a new fax from 9871234567

The number is a standard US 10 digit phone number.

I would like to have the filter move the message to a subfolder based on the subject. It's OK to have the folders named by the whole subject, although Regex should be able to extract just the phone number.

I envision the Action should be like so:
Move to the Folder \\Jason\Incoming Fax\%Subject%

Is this possible?

Thank you.
I think you'd have to use \\Jason\Incoming Fax\%OSUBJ instead, but I didn't try it. Also, you may want to run %VALIDFILECHARS="%OSUBJ" first, to replace invalid filename characters in the subject by underscores.

The documentation about %VALIDFILECHARS says specifically: "The macro can be useful in those filters that create a folder named %OSUBJ" -- so, it should definitely be possible to create folders that take their names from the subjects of messages.
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WOW! That worked wonderful! Thank you!

For others who may stumble upon this:
I created a subfilter under the main fax filter. The subfilter does NOT have any Conditions, it only has an Action. The Action is this:
Move to the folder \\Jason\Incoming Fax\%VALIDFILECHARS="%OSUBJ"

The only thing I am still contemplating is that with %VALIDFILECHARS="%OSUBJ", it will filter any faxes that were forward to me, ie: FW: You have received a new fax from 123-456-7890

With Move to the folder \\Jason\Incoming Fax\%OSUBJ, it did not filter the forwarded faxes.

I have to decide if I want them filtered or not.
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