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E-mail Filtering Solution

Hi all! Happy Tuesday. I wanted to ask about your experience / recommendation for a e-mail filter solution. Currently I've been tasked to research Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 but my director was open to looking at other o ptions as well. Unfortunately I'm really new to being a Network Engineer so I have no experience to call upon what would be a great solution.

To give you a little bit background, as you can guess, we use Office 365 for our e-mail. Currently we are having a lot of Phishing attempts get through our e-mail filters and are looking at finding a better solution. We currently just use Microsoft's built in e-mail filtering options. Thank you for your time in reading this post. I really appreciate it!

I don't think there's a dependable way to filter for phishing mails. The anti-phishing software would have to know how to differentiate between URLs of fake sites and URLs of legitimate sites. Can't be done (dependably). I don't know enough about Microsoft's products but there's probably a way to stop them from opening URL's at all?

As for The Bat, it isn't really a network/multi-user product. I know that it can be used as a kind of electronic post-office, but I'm not sure if we have anyone in the forums here who's actually using it that way. And it wouldn't solve the phishing problem.
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We use these antiphishing products.

A firewall and DNS server with a subscription to a antiphishing list:

Antiphishing Software and browser extension from a very reputable company:

Hope this helps
Old and great Antispamsniper for TheBat have it some antiphishing features -

(but, there is no any settings in this feature)
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