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Craigslist Relay bypass mail filter, how to bypass filter in craigslist housing section
I have setup a system where when a user on craigslist emails me my auto reply will ask them for their real email address and they will send it usually a Gmail

How do I go about extracting that into my reply setup system

I have made a 14 Auto Reply Email system
Sorting Office Filters

But if there First And Last Name are in the adresss Book Group WHATS YOUR EMAIL how do I prevent Reply one from double mailing them because it will go through the craigslist relay part

I have all these masked emails in Whats your email address address book

I do not want to send anymore emails to the craigslist relay email but only to the extracted Gmail
is there a way to extract the Gmail easier to Reply1 so it can start the process of sending out the emails to get them to do the signups ?
I'm not sure if I fully comprehend the situation, but I see a filter that adds the addresses to the address book.

I think you could add a condition there that excludes an address if it contains the phrase Craigslist. Wouldn't that work?
Note that instead of a single condition you can also add a block of conditions (in the filter editor, use the 'add block' button next to the 'add condition' button). That may be the best way to make addresses meet multiple conditions before you add them.
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