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A little lost in using conditions in Sorting Office (contains, contains all, contains any of, match, matches any of, is)
Hi, i'm a bit lost in using these type of conditions:
  • contains
  • contains all
  • contains any of
  • match
  • matches any of
  • is
Could you provide an example of using each of the above conditions? Since I've messed up my sorting office and for me to fix it, I need to know how to use those conditions. That would be very helpfull for me. Thanks  :D  
To be honest, I couldn't find all of those examples on The Bat! Help Page  :(  
I don't think the difference between Contains and Matches has been properly documented.

Apparently, when used in IMAP folders, the "contains" operator will call the mailserver to perform the search, and with "match", The Bat will search locally.

I only have POP3 accounts, myself, and I always use Contains in my simple mail sorting filters. I haven't used Contains All and Contains Any Of, but there have been some reports in the past that they did not work as expected.

One user commented that he couldn't get Matches Any Of to work, but that he could instead use the regular Match operator, and put the '|' pipe symbol (which means OR) between the keywords that he wanted to search for, like this:

Subject -> match -> pharmacy|pills|drugs|viagra

If you want to search for multiple keywords, you can also simply add a whole lot of separate conditions that are preceeded by OR (or organize them into a block by pressing the 'Add block' button when you edit the filter definition).
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