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First exploration of filters, automatically firing filters
Unrelated, it's a shame I have to damage my retina every time I want to post here.  I use a very effective dark mode reader but this is one of the few pages it does not work well with when posting.  At least it works when reading posts.  

Anyway, I've created an Incoming Mail filter in the Sorting Office to move mail from specific senders to a special folder.  It works well as long as I manually fire it.  I was thinking/hoping it would work on mail AS it arrived.  I'm sure it must support this, I just can't fine the setting.
Is your filter located in the Incoming Mail section of that account's sorting office?

When you select the filter and open its 'Options' tab, is it marked as Active? And not Manual Refiltering only? If there are any preceeding filters, could they have been tripped, halting the processing of the filters that follow it?

(p.s. I don't understand the present fad of using dark themes. The first thing I do when I get a new monitor is to adjust its brightness level to one that I can easily watch all day.)
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FWIW - entered this last night and forgot to click reply!

Latest version of The Bat!
Filter is Active
All accounts are IMAP

It IS under Incoming and is the only filter I have.  

Dark theme may be an age thing.  As I've gotten older, bright light is less appealing - ON screen. Indoors, 5000k lighting is nice.  Dark mode just seems to give better contrast and just looks good to me.  
I don't think it matters, but the destination folder is a Common folder.  I've not looked at the server, but when I run manually and they get put in the Common folder, does that remove them from the server too?
I was just checking things over and found a filter named New Filter that had no content but was active.  However, it was under a specific mailbox and not in Common Filters where my only desired filter currently is located.  This was left over from testing, so I removed it.  Then I cycled through all other accounts on the dialog to be sure none had filters.  Will monitor.  Can usually count on spam so should know if the empty filter in the "specific" mailbox was preventing the filter in Common Filters from executing.    
Ok, 8 more came in today and did not get filtered.  If I right click a message and execute test filter - unchecking 'this message only' - it reports all 8.

So the filter works great.  I just have to manually fire it.
To be certain I...

RE-checked ALL accounts in Sorting Office.  The only one with a rule is Common filters.

Noting here it's been triggered 47 times.  Will be interesting to see if that number changes BUT no matching emails get moved.  

It says tested 3434 times.  I don't know HOW that's possible.  I only created the filter yesterday.

It's Active with no hot key assigned.

Even thought it's the only filter, I went ahead and checked the 'Continue processing' option.
I suspect that the problem has something to do with the synching between The Bat and your IMAP mailserver.

Have you tried creating a filter that moves matching messages to a subfolder within the same account? (a subfolder that also exists on the server).

I ignore the 'tested' number, that figure never seems to make sense.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
I thought about that just prior to reading your reply :)

So I've set that up.  Move now goes to folder beneath Inbox IN the same account.

Odd though that manual move works.

Also, the prior destination is a Common Folder.  I've not checked the server, but when I run the rule manually, does it actually remove the messages from the server as it moves them to the Common Folder?

In addition, looking at the Common Folder properties, there's a Watched By button.  None of the accounts are selected here.  Not sure what it means to have a Common Folder watched by an account.  
Well, that didn't help.  


Triggered now shows 59.  Which is an increase of 12 although only 8 new matches have come in.

update - and hour or so later, another one came in but the Trigger did not change.  FWIW
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