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Automatic filter on new accounts, Automatically apply existing filters to newly added accounts
I've created filters and would like these to apply to any new accounts that I add, without having to go into the sorting office and opting to 'select all' each time. Is this possible? Is there a way that I can configure to 'select all' for common filters by default? Or is there a workaround that can be done that provides a similar outcome?

I'm looking to use The Bat! to manage numerous email address that I use for testing purposes. I have a set of filters (e.g. if email fr om X send to Y) that help me to consolidate and process the important emails. Over time I will need to continue to add new accounts (using command line) and I would like the filters that I have already set-up to automatically be applied to these new accounts.
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Not sure what you mean by having to 'select all', but maybe that's because I'm not using the latest version of TB myself.

When you create a new filter, you select the account that it applies to in the 'Account' pull-down menu on top. If you select 'Common Filters' there, doesn't that solve your problem?
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The filters I've made are created in the common filters section. The 'Sel ect All' that I'm then referring to is in the 'Share with' tab in the section on the right hand side (the section where you'd go to select conditions, or that the filter is active, etc).

The default position for common filters seems to be that accounts are not selected. Fr om the tests I've run this means that common filters don't work against any account unless you go through and select which ones you want the common filter to apply to.

Once I've clicked 'Select all' and 'ok', it works for all the accounts I have added at that point in time. When I then add an additional account, the default position seems to be that common filters are not automatically selected against this new account.

I'd ideally like to either...
  1. change the default position so that common filters will apply to all accounts
  2. run a command to enable the filter on the new account
  3. use another unknown different method whereby I can filter/forward mail on newly added accounts without having to go in and manually change settings
I see the problem now, but I can't think of a 'clean' solution. Have you considered using macroing software or some automation tool like Autoit to accomplish this?

I have one potential idea, but I hesitate to mention it because I doubt if it would work, and wouldn't cause trouble. But if your filter is the same for each new account, maybe you can create a new account and create that filter for it. Then save the Account.srb file from the corresponding account subfolder (within your mail folder). That .srb file holds the filter definitions for that account (well, it does in my The Bat v8.x - I don't know for sure about the current v9.x). Then, later on, when you create a new account from the command line, you can copy that .srb file into its folder and hopefully that would give you a working local filter. Again, no guarantees but it might be something to try.
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Thanks, Daniel. I had considered automation software so will checkout the product you mentioned. I'll also look into the option with the .srb file.

It's a shame that there wasn't an 'easy' way to overcome this, but I'm glad to know that there are options and that I wasn't missing something obvious!
I hope you'll find a way to accomplish your goal with The Bat. Another alternative would be to ask the developers if this functionality could be added, you can reach them by creating a ticket in the Support menu, above.
I volunteer as a moderator to help keep the forum tidy. I do not work for Ritlabs SRL.
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