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Adding Address to Address Book, Address Book or Group?
The "Add addresses from" action in sorting office only allows adding addresses to groups, not to an address book.
I tried to send a capture of the "Add adresses to Address Book" pane which only shows groups, when I have several address books.
How can I use this action (or another one) to add specific adresses to another address book?
Edited: Nathalie Marlier - 26 February 2023 13:03:23
The address can be added not only to the address group, but also to "pure" address book. It is sufficient not to select address group in the filter, and the filtered address will be added to the address book associated with given account (or default book if the associated is not present).

Unfortunately, it is not possible to select address book used in adding operation. It may be done only by associating different address books with different accounts, but it is very limited action.
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