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Request for new 'Action' within NFS
One can write filters to send EMail messages to the 'Junk' folder, but there is not an option to 'Mark as Junk', to mark the message as SPAM.  Thus, within the Anti-Spam Plug-In, regardless of which is being used, the message has been treated as 'white-listed' or 'ham'.

I would like to see 'Mark as Junk' added to the Actions tab of the filtering system.

G'Jim c):{-
This is not the place to submit wishes. But you're not alone with that wish:

These are about the same wish. You could support those wishes.

Now something in general about wishes...

You can insert wishes in the wish list, by logging in to:
Choose 'The Bat! wishes' and add a new item.
First check whether someone has made the same wish, then you can
support that wish.
Wishes that are supported by more users are more likely to be granted
than wishes by one. And the system isn't smart enough to understand
that wishes might be the same.
And add just one wish per entry. Makes everything easier, both for
other users who want to add support and for the developers.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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