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mail filter getting lost

sometimes filters seem to get lost.  i just found out that it forgot to save (or somehow else didn't have any more) a filter it formerly had.  i then added that filter (actually pasted it in from another account and then changed it), moved it up and closed the bat.  after restarting it the new filter is now there, but the formerly last filter is now missing.

i hope that doesn't happen every time i change/copy filters.  the v3.64.01 version i'm using here seems to be quite buggy still.  are there any updates/fixes available?

Hi to all!
I had 3.5 version of TheBat and was very satisfied till one day filtering get lost also. Strange thing is that all filters are active! When trying to make "Test Filters" action, TheBat points to proper folder where message should be moved... When making refiltering - nothing changing. TheBat shows that messages were refiltered, but really nothing changes. Version  v3.64.01 doesn't help. Does anybody had something similar?
It looks like something has gone corrupted on both of your configurations.
Try this:

Create a full internal backup of TB. (Message base, address book, templates, everything.)
Close TB.
Move your entire mail directory to another location.
Start TB.
Now there are two possibilities, either TB starts complaining that it doesn't have any accounts or it creates blank new ones. (I'm not sure as I haven't tried this procedure.)
In the first case you tell it that you don't want to create new accounts, but that you want to restore from backup.
In the second case you're going to restore from backup too.

Just try and see whether this helps. As long as you move your mail directory to another location (or simply rename it) nothing irrevocable will happen, as it's rather easy to explain TB that it has to use your old data again.

As I've mentioned before, I haven't tried this procedure myself, so I can't guarantuee any success, but I've noticed in the past that restoring a backup solves some problems.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks a lot for reply!
It was the first thing I tried, but a little in other way. First of all I made Backup of all my databases, then uninstalled my TB 3.5 and moved Mail folder to other location. Then installed a new 3.64.01 version "from zero"  and restored my databases form backup. Unfortunatelly nothing is changed :(
Very strange thing...

One more thing I forgot to tell - when re-filtering of my inbox data proceeding, TB ask me to "Select a Folder" a few times. So I don't understand at what folder should I point and what action TB should do with this one :) And even I am selecting any folder - nothing changes  

good idea to clean up by backup/restore, but it didn't change anything.  

are you sure the problem is not located somewhere in the new UI?  since it seems that only the UI has changed from v2 to v3, i'd suspect that it's the culprit for the slow behavior here.

i just had this nice test: i have multiple folders, which are all empty.  if i change between them (cursor up resp. down) it takes about half to a second for the column descriptions in the messageview to change.  and as i said, BOTH are empty (and thanks to the backup/restore both have been empty all their lives :))


this problem is still there and it THE #1 problem i have with TB v3.  it is so much slower that v2 here on my system.

i'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with my HD crypt software, since that still allows pretty fast access (some 52 mb/s when i read AND MD5 all mail files from the crypted disk).

using filemon i found something else out, look at this:

1   09:38:19.921   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msimtf.dll   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
2   09:38:19.921   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msimtf.dll   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: Execute   
3   09:38:19.921   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msimtf.dll   SUCCESS   Length: 159744   
4   09:38:19.921   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msimtf.dll   SUCCESS      
5   09:38:22.640   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   C:\bin\bat\sounds\FocusFolder.wav   NOT FOUND   Options: Open  Access: All   
6   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox   SUCCESS   Attributes: D   
7   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
8   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: All   
9   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Length: 3080   
10   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ    I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Offset: 0 Length: 8   
11   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
12   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
13   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: All   
14   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Length: 16833   
15   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ    I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 0 Length: 8   
16   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 8 Length: 441   
17   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Length: 16833   
18   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS      
19   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS      
20   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msctf.dll   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
21   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msctf.dll   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: Execute   
22   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msctf.dll   SUCCESS   Length: 318464   
23   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   G:\WINDOWS\system32\Msctf.dll   SUCCESS      
24   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox   SUCCESS   Attributes: D   
25   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
26   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: All   
27   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ    I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 0 Length: 8   
28   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 8 Length: 441   
29   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS      
30   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
31   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: All   
32   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Length: 3080   
33   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ    I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS   Offset: 0 Length: 8   
34   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
35   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Attributes: N   
36   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   OPEN   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Options: Open  Access: All   
37   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   QUERY INFORMATION   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Length: 16833   
38   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ    I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 0 Length: 8   
39   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   READ   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS   Offset: 8 Length: 441   
40   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBB   SUCCESS      
41   09:38:23.187   thebat.exe:2244   CLOSE   I:\MAIL\chris\Outbox\MESSAGES.TBI   SUCCESS      

there is a 600 msec delay after trying to read the focusfolder.wav file.  what happens in this time?  maybe something in the sounds engine?  unfortunately, i found no place to disable the processing of files in the sounds\ directory altogether.

(the filder change and hence the log above was from one empty folder to another empty one, so it surely is no matter of reading data masses.)

again, anyone?

I have installed V3.65.03 over my older 3.5 installation.

The filters just dont work anymore.

I have done a backup, restored it, no help.

I need the filters to work.

Any suggestions?
AFAIK there's no reason whatsoever to make your filters stop functioning. The format of the sorting office stayed the same.
Are the filters still active?
What happens when you create a new filter?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
The filters just dont work. New filters do not work either. I can create them -- but they dont work. I created a simple filter, to copy all incoming mail to a folder, made sure it was active -- the filter does not work. I created a filter to copy mail from a particular address to a folder -- set it as a manual filter, then went through the FOLDER REFILTER  command, check manual filters only and execute it. The filter looks like it is working as  it goes through all the messages but it has no effect -- It processes all the messages but the messages filtered count is zero and nothing happens.

Ok -- I finally got the filters to work. I completely uninstalled The Bat (after backing up my messages). Then re-installed The Bat V3.65.03 and restored the messages. Now the filters work. I guess it was a corrupt installation.

can anyone of the TB staff help me with my sluggish installation (see my last post above)?  it really a major annoyance.

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