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Re filtering not working
I've just upgraded to the latest Pro version from a very early version 1.6? and it appears that filters only work intermittently, or some work and others don't (as opposed to not at all, which seems to already be noted on the forums).

My problem probably falls into that same area, but I create new filters to echo the old, tell it to reFilter the maibox and nothing happens. Am I missing something? Did I overlook a setting someplace?

Moving dozens/hundreds of messages a day into their correct mailboxes manually really gets old. Is there a fix in the works?
The problem with forums like these is that you always see people explaining their problems, so it looks like everybody is experiencing the same difficulties.

I haven't seen any filtering problems at all for the last year, maybe five or six messages for which I didn't understand why  or how they weren't processed, but that's neglectable for thousands of messages a month.

As a fix for your problem you could try the procedure I explained in:
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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