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Feature request!, a new option for filter creation...
I'd like to have a setting that would change the DEFAULT ASSIGNMENT of newly created filters.

Right now, when i create a new filter from an email, it applies only to the account that received the email.

In my situation, i have 3 accounts, and i always want newly-created inbox filters to apply to ALL of them.

Right now, every time i create a filter, i have to do the following:

1) open filter lab
2) select account the filter was just created in
3) select filter, and cut
4) select "common" account
5) scroll to the top of the list, then paste
6) edit the filter, "share with all"

Couldnt we have a setting somewhere that would make all new "Specials | Create filter" inbox filters "common", and "shared with all" BY DEFAULT?

It would sure save me a lot of time!!!  :D  
oops - just noticed the WISH PAGE mentioned in another thread... i will go repost this there!

BTW, it would be quite helpful if the wish page were linked in the SUPPORT section -  (or somewhere else really obvious)  - i cant find it on the website anywhere...

Also, it would be really nice if i didnt have to create a new account to use that system (since  i already have accounts on the forum here, and the 'questions" bug tracker thingy..)

INTEGRATION is the buzzword for websites nowadays!  :-)
PS - it would be even nicer if the WISH PAGE would email me the account login right away.. i have been waiting for 10 minutes now
got in at last!  but what a NIGHTMARE that bug-tracking system is!  :o  its sure not easy to find the "wish-list" ( or anything else, for that matter...)

Is it adviseable for me to take three bugs i have already posted in the other system ( and also emailed to support) and repost them in there? Or are they already processed in there somewhere ( i looked around for a while, but could not see them...)
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