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Nickname Macro and other fields, Are additional Fields/Macros available?
I'd like to add Nickname to my New Message template and cannot find the macro for it.  
Is there an undocumented macro for that field?  
Is there another way I can get it?  
Are there ways I can find other macro fields within the address book?  (I tried to scan through the .ADB file with no luck)

Thank you.
%ABToHandle will do that.

With the %ABnnnPPP you can access any address book (AB) field.
With nnn you indicate the address you want to use, it can be substituted with: To, From, Reply, OTo, OFrom andOReply.
With PPP you indicate the address book field you want to get: Name, FirstName, Handle, Birthday, Gender (whatever)

For more info see the help, look for 'Full alphabetic list of macros'
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Excellent, works perfectly!!  Thank you for the answer, the super-quick response, AND the reference to the HELP file!
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