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Any help with this filtering setup...

Hi all,

Not sure if this is more of a filter, or a macro - or if it's even possible in TheBat, but here goes...

I use a catchall domain for my emails...  basically, ends up at my inbox and I perform filtering from there.  Each website, etc that I access has it's own email address at my domain - for example, one here might be

Anyway, I've built up gads of these addresses over the years...  I'm now starting to have some of the addresses
spammed.  When they are, I add a kill filter to delete it upon arrival when 'to' = the bad address.  Then I create a new address for the website (if it doesn't seem like they were responsible for the spam).

To do this, I have to do account | sorting | new | when to = xxx, delete, make active, etc...

Is there a way that I could set up a hot key to take the 'to' of the currently selected message and add it to an 'or email1 or email2, etc' conditional on a preexisting 'blacklist' kill filter?

Just wondering...

You can create a button that will pop up a Create Filter based on the message being viewed. (See this post.. From here you can easily generate a filter for this specific case. Not quite what you asked for but may achieve your objective usind a case by case approach instead of a single catch-all filter.

Regards, John M
An almost catchall filter can be created by creating an Address Book Group, lets call it 'Compromised'.
Next you create a spam filter that uses the condition:
Address book groups - Compromised - contains - first recipient
Now whenever one of your addresses gets compromised, you simply add it to the matching AB group and the filter will process it.
Only disadvantage is that this filter won't catch messages sent to multiple addresses with your compromised addresss not on the first place.

I've got a somewhat similar setup (catch all account), but I can use server side blocking, that means that as soon as my server is reached by a message addressed to a compromised address it will block it. Thus saving TB the bandwidth of downloading it.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Thanks!  I like that one...  :))

Much easier to just add the bad email to the address book.
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