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Need help getting simple filter to work., Filter for incoming not working
Hi all, I'm new to the Bat and I'm having trouble figuring out how to get a simple filter to work. All I need to to do is filter incoming messages that have a certain to address or reply-to and then move them to a folder.


What did I miss?  Yes I have the filter set to active.

Thanks for any help, DC
You want to filter on the To: header, but you're looking for something in the Sender (From: header)
Click on 'Sender' and you'll get a list of places where you can look for your string, change 'Sender' in 'Recipient'. Now you delete the 'To: ' part from  the filtering string 'To: airmail2000...'

You also want to filter on the Reply-To: header, that has to be done slightly different. Change 'Sender' into 'Header field', now you'll get a pull down menu where you can select 'Reply-to', now you delete the 'Reply-To: ' part from your filtering string and you're done.

BTW It looks like you want to filter all messages from a yahoo mailing list into a single folder. In this case it's not necessary to filter both on the To: and the Reply-To: header, as yahoo inserts a Reply-To: header for all its mailing list messages.
Why this matters? Suppose you're subscribed both to Airmail2000 and Airmail2001 and somebody else write the same message to both lists, as your airmail2000 filter triggers on both copies you'll end with two copies in your airmail2000 folder and none in your airmail2001 folder.
So the best way to filter messages from a mailing list, is by filtering on a header inserted by the list server (like the reply-to).
It's best to keep your your filtering conditions as exact as possible, that diminishes the chance on false positives.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Hi Roelof, thanks for the help. After clicking on the Sender as you suggested things started to make more sense. I took your advise and now have the filter set to work on the reply-to field only.

Just tested it and it worked fine :-)

Take care, Dale  
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