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inport filters?, how to import filters from other programs?

I'm a long time Eudora user, but have several times been told to try The Bat..  The problem has always been that of importing my existing settings ...  My main email folder has 1.2Gb of email in it, which itself is not a problem, however I've got over 230 filter rules set up, mostly "move to mailbox" rules, but a few that junk things, auto reply, etc.

While some are probably redundant, I certainly don't fancy re-creating the ones I do need from scratch.

(And my secondary account has over 900 filters in use - all used!)

Is there a tool or utility that can assist with this?  (I'd be quite happy write a converter, since Eudora's rules seem to be in a plain text file and so look fairly easy to interpret. Is there a document detailing the construction of The Bat files, though?

You can copy and paste filters into TB's sorting office, the format needed looks like this:

$$$$ TB! Message Filter $$$$
UID: [4B83E7F0.01C48855.79C89F29.205105D4]
Name: TBUDL\20lijst
Filter: {\0D\0A\20`7`Reply-to`0`\0D\0A}
MoveMessage folder \5C\5Croelof\5CTB\5CTBUDL

This is a filter that checks for a Reply-To header that contains '' and moves matching messages to a folder.
When you create a couple of filters in TB you can export them to text (select one filter at a time, press Ctrl-C, and then paste it into a text editor).

Though you can only export filters to text one at a time, you can select a whole bunch in a text file and then import them into the sorting office.

BTW This means you need to write your own export tools, because I'm not aware of an existing one.

I don't know whether it's wise to convert your filters automatically, because I don't know how compatible the filtering conditions of Eudora and TB are.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I have the same problem except that I have closer to 400 filters to move over. I think I can create an AWK script to translate the Eudora format to that of TB, but I need to know how to generate the UID line (the rest of the format makes sense to me after comparing the pasted version of some of my TB filters with the definition in the sorting office).

The UID information appears to be a sequence of four 4-byte hex values, but I've not found anything to correlate them against...
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