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webmail by day, Bat! by night?
I currently use webmail because I haven't had a good home internet connectin fo r a while, and now I have.

So I want to keep my mail on my PC, rather than the web and after feature comparison shopping, I think that I will use the Bat!

Here's my question - if I continue to use webmail and download all of my mails in the evening, then go into the office during the day, what happens if I send a few mails from my webmail?

When downloading everything to the Bat! later, will my webmail "sent" folder be downloaded into my Bat! "sent folder"?

Sorry if this is a simple thing.
Hmm... It's possible when using IMAP protocol.

In case of POP...
You can enter own email in CC (Copy) or BCC (Blind copy) field when sending messages wrom webmail.

Or you can move messages from Outbox folder to Inbox and download them later with TheBat.

Or you may investigate features of your webmail server.
May be you can find something useful.
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