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Execute external program after getting all new messages, possible?

there is an option to run an external program in the Filter actions, however if I use it the external app will be executed every time some message matches my filter.

What I want is to run an external program after each 'get new mail' command, after TB has finished receiving all emails, filtering them etc. - so that the app is run only once, after getting all the new emails.

I know this is possible with a .bat file that executes
thebat /CHECK and then the other app,
but as TB is mainly used in GUI mode, I need to run the external app from TB itself.
Any hints?

I don't think that can be done, of course you can create a filter that executes an external program and manually trigger that program every time you're with downloading mail or create a schedule in TB's scheduler that runs the filter every 10 minutes, but somehow I've got the idea that that's not quite what you want to achieve.
What is it exactly that you wan to be done?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I have filters that export messages , attachments etc., then my own app processes them further. For me most convenient would be my app to be started from theBat automatically immediately after getting new mail, just things are organized this way. But if not possible, I'll look for some workaround.
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