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selective downloading, problems with and/or
ok I want to setup a selective download filter with 4 strings.

I want it to delete from server if the message has a "," in the recipients list, but only if the header info doesn't contain 3 specific variables.

I've tried listing it with ands, and I've tried listing it with or's, neither seems to work right.
any one works fine, butn once I ad more then one condition it just deletes the file regardless.

here is a paste of the filter as I have it setup at the moment. I've putzed with it quite a bit but can't seem to get it to work.

$$$$ TB! Message Filter $$$$
Name: multi\20spam
Filter: {\0D\0A\20`1`0`,\0D\0A0`5`1`Classification:\20friends\0D\0A0`5`1`Classification:\20family\0D\0A0`5`1`Classification:\20lists\0D\0A}

any help would be great.
The new Selective Download filters are still under construction. We will be improving on that as well. Stay tuned!
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