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Using filters to auto-print the email
I have set up a filter to auto-print incoming email from my IMAP server. I put it under 'common filters' and shared it with my test email account. When I receive a new message in the inbox, the little message box at the bottom says the email indeed triggered the filter; but nothing is ever sent to the printer.

I can print manually just fine. I assume TB just uses whatever the default Windows printer is, right?

Is this because I am using IMAP? Since the email just kind of 'appear' there, could that be preventing the filter from working?
I don't use IMAP myself, but isn't there some option in the IMAP account properties that you need to set in order to enable local filters? I believe I remember something like that from previous discussions.

BTW What version are you using?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
I am using 3.85.

It did eventually work, without any intervention from me. I think that since I already had 1000's of messages in the IMAP inbox, TB just had to scan through them all first. Of course it then proceeded to print out all 1500 emails. I spent a lot of time clearing the print queue that day! Good times.....

But it's working fine now.
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