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Cannot delete mail from Trash Folder, Can't deletre 'delted' mail permanently
I'm running the bat 3.85 (but had this problem using 3.whatever-was-earlier, too).  I delete a mail.  The mail goes into the Trash folder.  I then go into the Trash folder and delete it from there.  However, if I use the 'browse deleted messages' option from the 'Folder' menu I can see my old, deleted mail.  Fair enough, I guess that's how things should be.

However, if I then choose to 'Purge & Compress' the Trash folder, then my messages don't get deleted and are still visible/readable by choosing the 'browse deleted messages' option as above.

It's important to me to know that deleted messages are well and truly gone, so I'm hoping someone here can tell me if I'm doing something wrong, or if this is a known problem, or if a fix is available.

btw - purging and compressing works on all other folders, just the Trash one that's a nuisance.

Whjen you delete a message, it doesn't get deleted, it merely gets marked as deleted and depending on your settings it's copied to Trash or not.
(Account -> Properties -> Mai management -> Deletion)

Purging means that messages are (marked as) deleted according to the settings in the folder properties of that folder.
(Folder -> Properties -> General: max msgs & keep for x days)

Compressing means that the messagebase for that folder is written anew (without any fragmentation when possible) without the deleted messages.

Compressing the Inbox won't delete messages from Trash, it simply doesn't work that way.

You can automate this purging and compressing on exiting TB.
This can be done on a per folder base:
Folder -> Properties -> Additional (tab) -> On exit ....
It can also be done on a per account base:
Account -> Properties -> Options -> Compress all folders on exit
And there is also a specific option for the Trash:
Account -> Properties -> Options -> Empty Trash folder on exit
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