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Renaming attachments using macro
Okay, I think I know what to do here but I want confirmation from the community.

What I want to accomplish is to save all attachments, but  amend the name with the subject. For example, if the attachment is called 'list.txt' and the subject is 'files uploaded for job #123', I would want the attachment to saved as 'files for job #123 list.txt'.

I am pretty sure I can do this using the OSUBJ macro. Maybe something like "Extract files to 'path\%OSUBJ'"

But I'm not sure how to make just rename all the files and NOT create a special folder for all of them. Any ideas?
bump. Anyone?
How good are you with old dos-style batch files? I think you could do it with those, however I'm a bit rusty on that regard, so I hoped someone else would answer that.
Basically you'd need to extract your messages to a temp directory, copy the files to their new name and delete the files with the original names. That way you can delete any message.html files before the renmaing/copying so you don't store any html message bodies.
You can start your batch file with the 'run external command' action and that accepts %OSubj as parameter.
A more specific answer would cost me too much time (un-rusting my ancient ms-dos skills) and I'm rather short on time at the moment.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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