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Modify 'subject' of incoming msg. Creation-Date gets lost.
I am using a filter and  'Create formatted message'-Action to modify the subject of an incoming message.

The modification of the subject string just works fine, but the resulting msg has lost its original creation-date/time.

It also seems that the checkboxes inside the  'Create formatted message'-Dialog do not work. The message is marked 'read' in all cases.

This is what I used:


From the two commands


the 'HDRMatter' creates the correct result. Having the date/time of original message.

Any comments ?

Unfortunately for you, you cannot set the date header manually with TB nor with a macro. The dateheader is set automatically based on the current time.
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Ok then I revert to my export/awk/import scheme again.
(Which sometimes locks up my program instance of TheBat!)

The documentation to the %HDRheader Macro should tell about the special situation with 'Date', or better yet %HDRDate should be implemented as expected.  :|  
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