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Account filters are gone, filters are gone but can be restored

I'm using The Bat 3.95.6 and since a couple of days I'm having problems with the filters.
I'm using a couple of hunderd of filters and the filters disappear. In the filter menu the filters can be restored and you get the question "Perform per-filter restore"?" When you click Yes then a new folder appears with the name "Orphan filters" and all the disappeared filers are back. But when I refilter the Inbox than it doesn't filter anything and when I take a look at the filter...all the filters have disappeared again...very strange.

All the account data is stored on a Windows 2003 server and I've linked multiple Bat clients to the account data on the network.
But only one client is active per use.
All users have all access to the folder where the account data is stored.

I've read about the account.srb file but that doesn't seem to be my problem.

Anyone an idea?


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