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Mass edit filters?
I've got 200+ filters on several mail accounts, and I want to move them all into the common filter pool to make things easier. I can copy and paste them one at a time, but then I also have to edit each one to make it apply to all accounts. Is there a simpler way to do this - I'd like to just select all the filters and edit them in bulk. But I can't work out how to do this.

Can anyone help?

No way with current version.
May be you need some reorganizing your filters?
(use macroses for example for destination folders etc...)
The problem is that I'm trying to reorganise my filters... I'm on ~200 mailing lists, and I filter email from friends into a bunch of different folders. I'm not sure how to turn those into macros, because many of the lists suffer from dreadful cross-posting so I am usually filtering on the list-owner string, for example, but I don't have folders that are a regex away from the list name in most cases (cmla-owner@..., for instance goes in "/lists/Critical Mass/Los Angeles).

Like others, one of my spam strategies is to change the email address I use for the lists from time to time. I have a BLAT+Perl script to unsub-resub most of them, but I can't work out how to get The Bat to update itself.
For friends you can do like that:

Move your friends to special address group "Friends"
Make simple rule:
If sender in group "Friends" then
Move mesage to folder \\account\Friends\%ABFROMNAME
that is all.

Strongly recommend.

PS. Some mailing list you can filter in same way, but via TO field.
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