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Filtering doesn't work properly on IMAP folder
Is anyone out there fighting like me with filtering incoming mails on IMAP folder run on Courier-IMAP server? The Bat! simply can't do it right, it filters (meaning matches and moves) some of the mail in inbox, filters (meaning just says it did FILTER but doesn't move the message anywhere) some other mails and simply ignores most of the inbox?

I'm currently running 3.99.21 (BETA), but the same problem was visible with the stable version. I did check and recheck options for courier-imap, simultaneous session number, etc. - nothing helps, and customer support it trying to feed me with 'we will rework the IMAP in future' story.

Nedless to say, Thunderbird works perfectly OK on those folders, but I'd like to stick with The Bat! after I paid for it.
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