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Bug: filter field suddenly gone, A field which contains many criteria isn't visible anymore

This morning I started up The Bat! and noticed a filter wasn't working anymore, as I got spammail in my inbox. After checking out what could be wrong, I encountered a possible bug in the Sorting Office.

I created a screenshot: screenshot

As you can see there should be a field after the "Text-match" part, but it is not visible anymore. Yesterday it looked just fine.

I tried scrolling the window all the way to the right, but unfortunately without any results: no fields with criteria to be found. Even tried to select other filters ("contains", "matches any of", etc), but still no field that would show up.
Using the tab to jump to the elements, I'm missing one focuspoint somewhere: when the focus is on the "match" selectionlist and I hit the tab, the focus is gone. Hitting the tab once more will gain focus on the next condition's selectionlist "AND". So although the field is not visible, it appears to be present somewhere.
I don't know how to reproduce it, else fixing it might have been easier. But reporting it might be useful, hopefully.

My current The Bat! version: 4.0.14
OS: MS Windows Vista 32-bit
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