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problem filtering on header field
I have a filter setup that looks for a header of:
X-CRM114-Status: and if it contains the word SPAM it is supposed to move it into another folder. The problem is that it is not doing this.

here is an example from an email showing the header:
X-CRM114-Status: SPAM  ( pR: -67.2956 )

The filter is at the top of the filter list in this account and I have no filters in the Common filter group.

There are two ways to filter on header.

The most effective is to use the Preferences ... Messages .. Message header to add the X-CRM114-Status header to the list of known headers.

Once you have done that, you can pick up the specific header and filter on that.

Alternatively you can search the message headers for "contains all" of


This should work.
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