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Filters don't work, Filter
I have ver 4.1.11.
I have had a basic problem with filters.
I set the filters in "Incoming mail" of the "common filters" area, but they never worked. I read through threads here, but don't understand why my filters are not working.

1. I checked "Active" in the filter, didn't check "Manual".
2. I put the conditions "Sender contains"
3. I put the actions "Move to the folder \\A\B"
4. In Options, I checked "This filter is active" and "Immediately".

I think I did everything the help topics showed, but no filters work.
Can anyone help me with that?
Thank you for the threads in Andrew Penhorwood's post. I found I didn't check "share with" options.
My problems are solved.
I hope this website may have an easy graphic manual for the beginners. :)
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