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Create filters "manually", directly into a file
I am considering moving to The Bat from another mail client, which I have used for well over 15 years.

During this time I have developed an intricate set of filters, folder structure, accounts for receiving and sending mail, etc.

While recreating the folder structure and the accounts in The Bat is relatively simple, I have not been able to figure out how I can just enter all the filters I need by "programming" them instead of using the pointy-clicky interface from Specials | Create Filters | Edit.

Also, one other thing I don't have clear is how to make sure that the filters apply to all the accounts.

TIA for your advice

It's easier to create a lot of filters by going:
Account -> Sorting Office/Filters

There you can create filters as much as you like.

Filters only apply to the account they belong to. You can check the account in the top left box of the sorting office.
There's one exception to the account basedness of filters. It's also possible to create common filters (they're shown as belonging to a different account)

Common filters have an extra tab 'Share with...' and that's where you can set the accounts that filter has to be checked against.

When setting up your filter set, keep this in mind.
The order filters are being processed is top down and common filters are processed before account based filters.
When a message triggers a filter, that message won't be checked against other filters with two exceptions:
1) When the triggered filter has subfilters then those will be checked
2) When the triggered filter has set the option 'Continue processing with other filters' all other filters will be checked (until the next match)

I hope this helps
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
Yes, thanks, that's very helpful, especially the point about the processing order.

However, even from
Account -> Sorting Office/Filters
I still need to use the mouse, which is not easy for me. I have no problems with typing, but the mouse is a different story.

That's why I was interested to know whether I can just type the filter conditions in a file, which is then processed by The Bat.


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