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Very Basic Auto Reply
Every once in a while I receive a lead for my business from a lead generation system.  When I get a lead, I get an email stating that all I need to do to accept is to reply to the email and send it, that's it (again simply hit reply in the email program and then send that reply off, no typing accept anywhere, no changing of the subject, etc). The respond to email is different than the sending email. My question is how do I get The Bat! to do this?  The reason I switched from Thunderbird to The Bat! was because Thunderbird would only allow you to reply with a template that you made.

My question: How to I get The Bat! to autorespond to an email from this sender's email address with that a particular subject line (Leadstreet Pending Lead) so that The Bat1 simply replies and sends (so I would assume the subject would then say "Re: Leadstreet Pending LEad" and the entire message body with all necessary info for the bot on the other side to know which lead to give to me ie message formatting, mime info etc.

Is it your intention for every auto-reply to have the same contents or do you need something more sophisticated?
I'm just a user of The Bat! I don't work for Ritlabs.
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