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Recognise duplicates in filter, Prevent a filter copying if it creates a duplicate
I have a folder which contains all messages to a group of contacts.  After they are 30 days old I want to move them to individual subfolders, one for each addressee but because the email may have been sent to several people in the group I need to Copy rather than Move.  Is there some way I can prevent an email being copied if it already exists in the target folder?  I know I can manually remove the duplicates from a folder with Delete Duplicates but it would be nicer not to copy them to start with. I delete the emails in the source folder after 60 days at the moment but would be quite happy to delete it immediately after copying if I could be sure it had been copied into each relevant subfolder.  Anyone got any ideas?
I guess there is no way.
This would mean the filter to perform a message base search, which I think filters can't do (and a search before filtering each message would be quite time consuming).
You can probably schedule removal of duplicates.
Thanks.  I'll have a look at scheduling the duplicates deletion - I've never tried using the scheduler in The Bat!.  Shame there is not a folder setting to do this on closing.
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